You are cordially invited to join the Hong Kong College of Mental Health Nursing Ltd (the College). The College was established in 1998 by a group of mental health nurses in Hong Kong with the following objectives:

  • To promote the development of professional knowledge and competence by organizing educational and professional activities.
  • To advise the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and other appropriate authorities on matters related to mental health nursing development and mental health services in Hong Kong.
  • To facilitate exchange of professional knowledge and experience among members through networking with local and international professional bodies.

  The College is an accredited Continuing Nursing Education Provider of the Hong Kong Nursing Council. The College conducts education activities, such as seminars, workshops, courses and educational visits, to serve the learning needs of mental health nurses in Hong Kong. The College also supports members' professional development by providing sponsorship to nursing conferences or courses. The College is a core member of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing Preparatory Committee with an aim to establish a statutory body to regulate advanced nursing practice. To keep abreast with the development of mental health nursing, the College has established networks with local, national and international professional nursing organisations and groups. All these works require support and participation from members. We look forward to join hands with you to promote mental health of the Hong Kong community through the enhancement of standards of mental health nursing care.

Councilors of the College (2013 - 2016):
 Dr the Honourable LEONG Che-hung, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP
Honorary Advisors:
 Professor Kevin Gournay CBE
 Professor Helen, F.K.CHIU
 Dr. Frances Hughes RN, Dnurs, ONZM
 Ms. Sylvia FUNG, Ex-Chief Manager (Nursing), Hospital Authority
 Mr. Frederick, YEUNG Kin-keung
 Mr. Michael, MAK Kwok-fung
 Ms. Regina, FUNG Wai-yee
 Mr. Ben, HUI Tsz-pan
 Ms. LAU Yau-chan
 Ms. LEE Wai-fun
 Ms. Michelle, NG Mei-sum
 Mr. SHUN Kwok-wah
 Mr. TANG Cheuk-kin
 Mr. TO Yuen-fung
 Mr. William, WU Wai-kin
Co-op Members:
 Ms Annie, YIP Lai-king
 Ms. Jolene, MUI Hang-chun
 Mr. Raymond CHAN Wai-chin
 Ms. NG Yee-kwan
 Ms. Veronica CHOW
 Mr. Stewart WONG Ho-wah

We are constantly making improvements to better service your needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you see things that we can do better.


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